Back in 2010, not-for-profit cafe Kinfolk was born with the ambition of building inclusive community & sustainable food systems. Demand for the volunteer program exhausted Kinfolk's capacity & and Sibling was opened in late 2018 to expand our social impact. 

Just like our sister cafe Kinfolk, Sibling staff work alongside & provide capacity building training to a team of volunteers. These individuals come from all walks of life, and many face social exclusion & barriers to employment. The sense of community & skill sharing that Sibling volunteers benefit from on shift is immeasurable. But we can give you some scale :


  • in just over a year, Sibling grew the number of volunteer training positions each week from 60 to 90.

  • In 2019 alone, we worked with 227 individuals.

  • More than half live with one or more challenging circumstances such as

    • mental health issues (48)

    • long term unemployment (74)

    • social isolation (36)

    • homelessness (3)

    • disability (28) and other complex needs.

  • Over half of our volunteers (118) identified their primary volunteer goal as learning new skills.

  • 74 of these individuals were long term unemployed, but throughout the year 44 were successful in finding employment. 

The Sibling volunteer program has witnessed many incredible & humbling stories of success & achievement, and you can read some of these in our 2019 volunteer report. But this March, much of this was put on hold in response s we made the difficult decision to suspend the training program in response to covid19.  Like many others, covid19 has had a huge impact us : our industry, our staff & our volunteer community.


If you'd like to know more as to how we are responding to the situation at hand & rolling with the punches, click here

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