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We are on the brink of imminent closure, but we are looking for new ways to serve our community & fighting to save the enterprise. We are adapting and innovating to this ever changing environment. Our cafes now serve exclusively takeaway & implemented risk management strategies. We've expanded into preparing essentials packs and ready made home cooked meals for contact-less delivery as a means to support our many customers whilst they isolate. 

Our staff have made huge sacrifices. Half are now unemployed. The remaining staff in permanent positions are volunteering for job share arrangements to minimize the number of redundancies. Several team members have taken leave without pay & are instead volunteering their time & skills for the immediate, & very much indefinite, future whilst we ride out this storm. 

In amongst this chaos, Dani celebrated her wedding with a small group of friends. Nixon & his wife welcomed their first child. Our community is filled with good people. Great folk.  Some of them Kiwi folk, who are currently not even eligible for government support if our ship goes down.  We're worried not just about paying rent for the business, but their rent. We can't express our level of concern that we may fall short of these obligations. 

But we're doing our best to provide for them, much the way they have supported Kinfolk & Sibling's volunteer program over the past ten years.  Yes, we can't believe it - just 2 months shy of our 10th birthday.

One of the worst effects of Covid upon our business might be its effect on the volunteer program.

For the safety & wellbeing of all, we have made the difficult decision to suspend our volunteer training program. We will be doing our best to accommodate the individuals whose social welfare is most at risk, but in ways that do not expose the volunteer, our customers or staff to unnecessary risk. However, until Covid has past, our training program is on hold. 

Whilst 2020 is looking a little austere, we'd like to take a moment to celebrate the program's past successes. More than 1,000 volunteers have come through our training program - the inclusive experience, friendships and connections forged have been life changing. It's difficult for us to express in a few words all that our volunteer community has achieved - which is why we've prepared our 2019 volunteer program into a graphic report - you can check it out here.


For Kinfolk & SIbling to survive covid19, we need you. Here are a few simple ways to lend some support & enable our enterprise to survive the next few months. 


1. VISIT OUR CAFES. The dining rooms are closed, but we are still serving takeaway. Every coffee counts towards keeping our staff in income. 


2. PURCHASE VOUCHERS. For our cafe, or catering. If you're not in a position to visit us now, support us in the future. You can purchase vouchers online here. 


3. ORDER STAPLES & MEALS from our online grocery store. Available for collection from Sibling or delivered to neighbouring suburbs. 


4. BE RESPONSIBLE. We have commited to only operating if it does not risk our community. Please, we ask you to do the same. Practice social distancing when visitng. Wahs your hands. And if you're feeling under the weather, be a good egg & stay at home. 

5. DONATE. For instant relief - an efficent & fast way to support our community. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Donate here