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Demand for our kitchen restock kits has remained consistent throughout 2021. Despite downsizing our business this year, we’ve ramped up both production and delivery – which is eating into our own reserves. We need community support to fund these relief kits.

Every week, Kinfolk delivers kits of fresh nutrient-dense groceries to households experiencing hardship in Melbourne. Our recipients are marginalised or in financial distress & facing barriers to food security. Many are women (often with dependents) moving on from family violence and are under immense pressure to support themselves and their families through difficult transition. 

We are connected to these people through partner agencies like inTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence and McAuley Community Services for Women and CoHealth, and demand is steady, despite restrictions easing.


You can help use provide this essential service by making a tax deductible one-off or regular donation.

...or via our online shop below.

"[The recipient is] incredibly grateful for the support, and particularly appreciate the diversity, quality & volume of fresh produce. The fact they can pre-determine what ingredients they receive means everything is used & valuable to them. And they love the milk & yoghurt you send. If you were to send ten bottles, they'd drink it all!"




"...thank you so much - I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do tonight."

-Food Relief Recipient

What Makes our Food Relief Different?


Our Community Grocery Program is a comprehensive, personalised, and culturally relevant service, connecting households under pressure with nutritious food. We focus on; autonomy, relevance and uncompromising quality.

Autonomy: We believe in empowering people going through difficult transitions by equipping them with the raw materials necessary to feed themselves and their families. Our order form allows the end-recipient (or an advocate like a case-manager) to select the food they require.

Relevance: Circumstances change, and so does our support. We ask about which appliances their home currently has (refrigeration, microwave, oven etc.), how many adults and children in the household and if there are any dietary requirements. More relevance, less wastage.

No Compromises: We don’t compromise on the quality or nutritional integrity of our food relief. The same ingredients are used in our commercial products as our food relief. They come from the same local suppliers and adhere to the same standard.

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