Donate fresh fruit and vegetables, pantry staples & home-cooked meals to women and children from migrant and refugee backgrounds experiencing family violence during COVID-19.


Each week we team up with inTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence to connect their most vulnerable clients with urgent food relief. These women and their families are walking the difficult path to recovery after experiencing family violence. Ineligible for social benefits as a result of their temporary visa status, many are supporting young children, living in temporary accommodation and trying their best to get by without an income, and without a support network in Australia.


Sibling's kitchen restock kits are a lifeline for these women and their families, helping to ease the stresses they are facing during this challenging time. Each kit contains many weeks' worth of local produce, pulses, fresh milk, eggs, yogurt, oil, grains, pasta, chocolate, home cooked meals, our very own baby food and other essentials. In the past five weeks we have connected over 183 women, children and babies with wholesome & nourishing food. This would not have been possible without supporters like you! Donate now so we can continue to deliver this vital food relief. 

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