Back in 2010, not-for-profit cafe Kinfolk was born with the ambition of building inclusive community & sustainable food systems. Demand for the volunteer program exhausted Kinfolk's capacity and Sibling was opened in late 2018 to expand our social impact. 

Just like our sister cafe Kinfolk, Sibling staff work alongside & provide capacity building training to a team of volunteers. These individuals come from all walks of life, and many face social exclusion & barriers to employment. The sense of community & skill sharing that Sibling volunteers benefit from on shift is immeasurable. But we can give you some scale :


  • in just over a year, Sibling grew the number of volunteer training positions each week from 60 to 90.

  • In 2019 alone, we worked with 227 individuals.

  • More than half live with one or more challenging circumstances such as

    • mental health issues (48)

    • long term unemployment (74)

    • social isolation (36)

    • homelessness (3)

    • disability (28) and other complex needs.

  • Over half of our volunteers (118) identified their primary volunteer goal as learning new skills.

  • 74 of these individuals were long term unemployed, but throughout the year 44 were successful in finding employment. 

The Sibling volunteer program has witnessed many incredible & humbling stories of success & achievement, and you can read some of these in our 2019 volunteer report. But this March, much of this was put on hold in response s we made the difficult decision to suspend the training program in response to covid19.  Like many others, covid19 has had a huge impact us : our industry, our staff & our volunteer community.

Want to know more about the Sibling volunteer program? Click here. 


If you'd like to support this program, we'd invite you to participate in any of the following ways. 


VISIT OUR CAFE. Every coffee or meal you order creates a space for our volunteers to learn. 


BOOK CATERING OR EVENTS. We host all varieties of events, from corporate to private, and we have a diversity of spaces to complement. 

GIVE A SIBLING GIFT We're all about awesome gifts. Delicious food, well made goods & consciously curated kits. 


ORDER GROCERIES & MEALS from our online grocery store. Available for collection from Sibling or delivered to neighbouring suburbs. 


BE RESPONSIBLE. We have commited to only operating if it does not risk our community. Please, we ask you to do the same. Practice social distancing when visting. Wash your hands. And if you're feeling under the weather, be a good egg & stay at home. 

DONATE. For instant relief and a hit of serotonin, an efficent & fast way to support our community. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Donate here. 


Love the Kinfolk & Sibling Family.