A delicious wholegrain cracker (perfect for cheese and dips), made with 100% Pangkarra wholegrain durum flour and natural ingredients. The grain in the lavosh is stone milled, meaning the whole grain is retained and all three components – the wheat germ, the endosperm and the bran, are all still in tact. This means the essential vitamins and minerals have not been separated and removed in the milling process and the lavosh is highly nutritious, with a rich, nutty flavour and texture. 

Stonemilled Durum Lavosh

$7.00 Regular Price
$6.20Sale Price
  • Wholegrain Durum Wheat (82%), Maize Flour (7%), Olive Oil, Baking Powder, Mixed Seeds (2%) (Quinoa, Sunflower & Poppy), Sea Salt, Sugar, Cracked Pepper.

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