2019 King Valley Pinot Grigio. A crisp white with flourishes of stone fruit, citrus and pears.


Whilst wine in a bag may not be the sexiest of accessories, it is a sustainable option (2016 study by the Australian Wine Research Institute showed that making and packaging wine in glass bottles produces almost triple the amount of greenhouse gas per litre than cask wine). But the best bit to this tipple? It keeps for weeks! Which means no more half drunk bottles of wine tipped down the drain. And at 1.5 litres per bagnum, we reckon this will get you through a few weeks of home isolation!

Pinot Grigio by Vinbag

  • In order for us to not invite the wrath of the VCGLR, you'll need to ensure you also purchase some foodstuffs too! Please browse our meals HERE and ensure you limit your order to know more than 

    2 x bottles of wine OR 

    1 x bottle of wine & a six pack of beer | cider | cocktails OR 

    2 x sixpacks of beer | cider | cocktails

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