This week, like last week, and next week, we're not only delivering Sibling Shop orders but also distributing kitchen restock kits across Melbourne, to households of women and children who have experienced family violence. This sentimental gift will not only make your mother's day, but will make a tangible difference to another mother's day.

Each kitchen restock kit consists of 30 pastured eggs | a minimum 7 kg of local pulses, grains, flour & pasta | fresh milk & yoghurt from the dairy | a litre of olive oil | chocolate | home made meals | our very own house made baby food (if of relevant age) & a box of fresh produce. Thanks to the generosity of our supportive suppliers, we are able to scale the impact of the donation you make. 


If purchasing on behalf of someone else note that we'll send you a thank you file for your donation. When we distribute the hamper, we'll update you on its social impact via the email you have shared with us. You'll be able to forward these documents to your gift recipient & share the story of their food relief. 

DONATION : one whole kitchen restock kit


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