Lactarius deliciosus. $35 p kg 


Flavoursome freerange funghi, hand foraged from local pine forests by our staff & folk. These pine mushrooms are also known by the name safron milk cap, for the bright orange milk they bleed & which can stain your fingertips when handling them fresh in the forest. We pick fresh these mushrooms the day before & we handle them with great care - whilst they are a robust & firm mushroom, even the slightest touch will cause a fascinating greenish tints to the skin which has the appearance of a bruise. But they still taste just as delicious as their latin name, so disregard these stains. 


A versatile mushroom with a nutty flavour, safron milk cips are great fried on toast, excellent with pasta & make for great pickling - meaning you can enjoy them all year round despite pine season being just an autumn window. 


If you'd like to purchase larger volumes of milk, simply purchase multiple 1kg products of our Wild Mushroom. 

Wild Mushrooms Safron Milk Caps

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  • We are currently still finding plentiful patches of pine mushrooms but they are a wild grown & seasonal product subject to weather patterns. In the instance that we cannot source pine mushrooms for your specific order, we will offer you any of the following 

    a) a refund

    b) pick other exotic mushrooms 

    c) wait to see if the rains deliver more safron milk caps! 

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