This pantry restock is designed to replenish the pantry and ensure you've got enough calories until centrelink finally approves your jobseeker application. Stay calm, think of rice things and curry on with this assortment of pulses & carbs. 


500g of Wimmera grown puy lentils 

500g of organic chickpeas 

500g of haricot beans

500g of chickpea flour

500g of quinoa

1000g of rice

Pantry Staples #2

  • Vegan & gluten free. 

    PS. Yes that is gluten in the south south east corner of the photo. And yes we have reused a photo of the plain Pantry Staples which contains pasta hoping nobody would notice. But if you're checking the dietaries even though it's called gluten free in the title, you're probably seriously intolerant so we promise we won't send you any pasta! 

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