For the fine filter drinking folk, we bring you Small Batch's Golden Ticket. 250g of Willy Wonka confectionary : 


  • Flavours red currants, apple jelly, caramel ice cream, lime
  • Producer Gacibi and La Maravilla
  • Attributes Wet processed – SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11 and Bourbon
  • Origin  Kenya and Guatemala



Small Batch Correspondence : We want to cordially (and even maybe roughly) ask you to enjoy this fine coffee, which is quite simply the best filter coffee we can put together. It’s designed to taste juicy and sweet. Great up front and great cold, it will please crowds (not just geeks), and will support expert and maybe even sloppy brewing. It’s just going to bloody work.


Presently a pairing of one of our favourite producers from Guatemala, and a stunning Kenyan, this blend is dripping with fruit and toffee, and a sparkle that you only get from pairing some of the best in the biz.

If you’ve not tried a filter blend before, thinking it won’t be as good, make sure you don’t miss this one. We’ve paired two stunning coffees, one from a producer we’ve celebrated numerous times before for his superb filter and espresso coffees, and one who’s been a backbone of our blends, and this year is winning hearts on every part of our offer list.



Small Batch Coffee - Golden Ticket