Full-flavoured with a lingering nuttiness and rustic washed rind, this smear-ripened cheese by Matthieu Megard is made with organic milk from a single herd of Jersey cows reared on the rolling hills of Great Ocean Road.


A distinctive streak disects the equatorial centre of this semi-hard cheese, made in the french style of Morbier cheese. In traditional times, this blue-black ash marked the separation of morning & evening milk, but today the practice is predominantly a decorative design & homage to the past. 


Each cheese is pressed for 12 hours in cloth, salted by hand and then washed every second day with a brine solution. After six weeks, the rind develops a reddish tinge and is slightly sticky to touch.When young the taste is mild, with a fresh milky nutty flavour, becoming richer, sharper, and more pronounced with age. A beautiful cheese to have at the centre of a cheese board, but also great for melting. Pairs well with dry white wines.

L'Artisan Cheese - Fermier 150g

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