Melbourne's top exports with a festive touch : 


  • Tiger Buck deck of Australian beef jerky with bbq smoke 
  • Fancy Hanks cayenne & watermelon hot sauce 
  • Hey Tiger 'Oh Crumbs' deck of caramelized white chocolate with gingerbread crumb
  • 'Twilight Flight' festive orange & hazelnut vegan dark chocoalte from Hey Tiger
  • Meredith Goat's Fetta marinated in virgin olive oil 
  • Soap maid bar with peppermint essential oil and exfoliating black poppyseeds.
  • Sparkling pet-nat fuji apple kombucha from monceau
  • Strawberry & vermouth summer jam, a Sibling & Jam Hands collab 
  • One litre jar of house grainola made with puffed seeds, grains & fruit
  • Candy Man filter, ground to preference or whole 
  • Mini gingrebread men from organic Dench Bakers
  • linen tea-towel from third generation, iconic house of textiles, Rodriguez 

Melbourne Showcase

Coffee Grind

    This Christmas we are delivering food festive relief all over Melbourne. From Christmas spreads to backyard bbq boxes, from corporate hampers to gifts for underneath the tree, we have everything you need to make your Christmas a social occasion.

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