Covid has impacted many people. A donation of $10 can help reduce the insecurity & anxiety by enabling one at risk community member can sit down to a hot meal prepared by the Sibling & Kinfolk kitchens. 


Kitchen restock kits are assembled specific to each household, taking into account the number of household members, cultural preferences & dietary considerations. A typical restock contains 30 pastured eggs | 7 kg of local pulses, grains, flour & pasta | 3L of fresh milk & yoghurt from the dairy | a litre of olive oil | a litre of fresh orange juice | chocolate | 3 home made meals | our very own house made baby food (if of relevant age) & a box of fresh produce.


Your donation will form a part of this comprehensive & impactful food relief!

$10 Food Relief Donation - tax deductible & 0% GST


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