An ever so slightlier boozier incarnation of ‘booch (just over <1%), made with natural-wine fermentation methods producing some delightful bubbles in these 750mL bottles. 


Monceau's Pear Kombucha is brewed with West Gippsland Pears, and flavour profiles change with the seasons and accordingly with the different parcels of pears sourced.  Utilising an ancestral method borrowed from pétillant naturel winemaking, Monceau undergoes two fermentations. The second fermentation, in-bottle, creates natural carbonation and ever-evolving flavour profiles.

Pét Nat Kombucha, Pear

  • Organic Cola FairTrade, ingredients: Carbonated Water, Fairtrade Organic Sugar, Cola Extract (incl. cola nut from Sierra Leone, organic malt extract and Fairtrade Organic Vanilla Extract), Organic Lemon juice from concentrate.