Covid has impacted many people. Help reduce the insecurity & anxiety by ensuring one at risk community member has enough staples & food to get through the day. Your contribution will be included in a kitchen restock kit consisting of :


  • a minimum 5 kg of local pulses & grains
  • 30 pastured eggs
  • 2 kg of pasta & flour
  • fresh milk & yoghurt from the dairy
  • a litre of oil
  • chocolate
  • four home made meals
  • our very own house made baby food
  • a box of fresh produce
  • and more


We will be distributing this kit, in partnership with inTouch, to Melbourne households of women & children from migrant and refugee backgrounds who are in financial hardship & have experienced family violence. 


Your donations are helping Sibling to deliver these essential ingredients and thanks to the generosity of our supportive suppliers, we are able to scale the impact of your donation.


Good food, for good. 


DONATION : enough staples for a day

  • Thank you for purchasing this staples kit. This gift will make the world a little bit less worrisome for one individual impacted by the social & economic side effects of covid.


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