A mix six pack. Drinking alone at home has never been so acceptable. If you're picking up, why not elect the the option of pre-ordering some of our famous triple fried hot chips for $6. Hell, we'll batch you up a bloody mary to go!


In the mix at the mo : 

  • Citray Farmhouse Sour + Oranges x La Sirene 
  • Utropria Pale Ale x Bodriggy
  • Down She Gose x Sailor's Grave Brewing 
  • Lager x Hawker 

Quaran-tinny Special

Hot chips?
  • In order for us to not invite the wrath of the VCGLR, you'll need to ensure you also purchase some foodstuffs too! Please browse our meals HERE and ensure you limit your order to know more than 

    2 x bottles of wine OR 

    1 x bottle of wine & a six pack of beer | cider | cocktails OR 

    2 x sixpacks of beer | cider | cocktails

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