Edition no 8 of the Sibling Self-Isolation Cheese-Bored, desgined to make your lockdown delicious!  Contains : 


200g of L'artisan Fermier, a smear-ripened cheese with a distinctive streak of charcoal at its equatorial core . This charactierstic of french Morbier cheeses distinguished the morning's milk from that of the evenings, but today is predominantly decorative & an homage to the past. Crafted from the organic milk of a single Jersey herd on the Great Ocean Road , each cheese is pressed for 12 hours in cloth, salted by hand and then washed every second day with a brine solution. After six weeks, the rind develops a reddish tinge and is slightly sticky to touch.  A beautiful full faloured cheese with a lingering nuttines, Pairs well with dry white wines.


100g of award winning Tarwin Blue,  a Barry Charlton specialty for which he has earned the moniker "Master of Blue". His purpose built cheese factory overlooks Wilson's prom & the green dairy pastures that provide the raw product for this sensational cheese. Taking its name from the local river, this cheese is inoculated with a combination of three strains of starter cultures and 1 of blue mould spores. After maturation in a small room next to the dairy for a minimum of two months, the rich buttery texture becomes interspersed with dark blue veins and develops a distinct creamy blue finish.


100g of formajo ciok, aka Drunk Cheese, whereby grape must is packed around the rind before being immersed in wine.


100g of jar of our housemade jam 


jar of house bread & butter pickle 


Sibling ciabatta, baked fresh that day! 

Morbier, drunk & blue cheese board.

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