The Sourdough Sampler celebrates the staples, whether you're indulging in this for yourself, or arranging a surprise gift for a friend, it's the perfect way to start the day and will last for weeks. We've curated a line-up of local & collaborative condiments and preserves :


  • a sizeable jar of Sibling's dark roast PB, freshly made 
  • mandarin, cardamom and vanilla bean marmelade, a Jam Hands x Sibling collab
  • Dani's finest strawberry & sweet vermouth jam 
  • ethically harvested local honey from Rooftop hives 
  • a hefty chunk of cultured, salted butter crafted at our local Fitzory dairy
  • with a fresh baked loaf of sourdough 

Sourdough Sampler

  • Jam Hands x Sibling is a seasonal collab. In the absence of avialable jam or marmelade we may susbtitue with a jar from our other Jam Hands x Sibling line! It all depends on the seasonal availability of fruits & the popularity of our preserves!


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