Pincinox stainless steel pegs are designed with form & function in mind to last the test of time. Unlike wooden and plastic pegs they do not rot, splint, break or go mouldy. And unlike other folded steel wire pegs, these will not need to be replaced because they have broken or the spring has come out. Our staff have personally tested these pegs ourselves and whilst we are not normally nostalgic about such ordinary objects, but we love these for their robust & beatiful design gauranteed to endure a lifetime of outdoor use. 


Pincinox clothes pegs are made in France to the highest quality by a family business who has been manufacturing these cloths pegs for the last 50 years without a single return. In a world where products are built to fail and only last for a short time Pincinox Pegs are refreshing change back to a time when products where built to last.



  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • Made in France for over 50 years by a family company
  • Backed by a fantastic warranty
  • An elegant single piece design
  • Have a strong grip which is good for high winds and bad weather
  • Will not mark clothes with rust or mould
  • Guaranteed to never rust, break or lose their spring under normal domestic conditions
  • 20 pieces

Steel Pegs


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