The Triple Stacker is a the tiffin re-imagined for those of us who need 90 degree corners, a true-blue Aussie version to accomodate all cuisines from salad sanger to curry & snacks. Large, convenient, compact & reusable with three compartments made from stainless steel. Packing a total capacity of 1.6 litres this bad boy is for big appetites. Or you can repurpose two of the three as standalone containers. 


Stacker Layers

Complete Set - Length:18.5 cm, Width:13.5cm,  Height: 9cm
Top Layer - Height: 4.5cm
Bottom Layer - Height 5cm 


*  Food Grade Stainless Steel  * Unbreakable  * Non Toxic *100% Safe  * Reusable *Dishwasher safe  * Waste free  * Non Leaching  * Plastic Free  * Hygienic  * Durable


Care Instructions:

* Hand wash or place in top draw of dishwasher.


Made ethically and responsibly in India.

Triple Stacker Lunchbox


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