So who is this Slippery Jack? He is Suillus luteus, a member of the Bolete family. How do we know? He looks like a regular mushroom growing from the ground. But look underneath! He doesn't have gills like so many other mushrooms. Nope. He's got pores underneath his cap - a layer of little tubes that hang from under his cap. They are light yellow and champagne coloured when he's young, and turn darker and more olive as he gets old. But those pores are the give-away. He's in the Bolete family, for sure!


Some recipes for these interesting little mushies 


1 - Popcorn Mushrooms!

Clean off any dirt, you can peel the slippery cap skin off if you like, sometimes it is easier.  Then coat in an egg wash, crumb and then shallow fry.  Season to taste.  These tasty treats will explode with flavour.


2 - Make it like tofu!

Finely chop some ginger and garlic and saute in a little olive oil.  Add some seasonal greens and the sliced Slippery Jack mushrooms.  Splash with a little soy sauce and mirin and cook for a further minute.  Serve hot and embrace the slippery texture that resembles silken tofu with umami flavours.


As Slippery Jack Mushrooms age the pores will go from champagne yellow, to a dark yellow to eventually a brown/yellow color - during this process they will also become more slippery.  Some people remove the skin on the cap and the pores from the older mushrooms before cooking - but at the moment our little "sticky bun" shroom crops are so young and fresh this is not necessary. Happy cooking and feel free to share your creation via our social media :) @siblingcafe 


Wild Mushrooms - Slippery Jacks

How many g?
  • We are currently still finding plentiful patches of pine mushrooms but they are a wild grown & seasonal product subject to weather patterns. In the instance that we cannot source pine mushrooms for your specific order, we will offer you any of the following 

    a) a refund

    b) pick other exotic mushrooms 

    c) wait to see if the rains deliver more safron milk caps! 

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