Sibling owes its charm & warmth to the many volunteers who contribute their time & skills each café service.

How it works:

Each day at Sibling Cafe, our team of staff are joined by a handful of volunteers from the community. These volunteers receive hands-on training, tailored support and supervision, and encouragement to achieve their goals. 

We are open 7am-3pm on week-days and 8am-3pm on weekends. Generally a volunteer will be given one 4-hour shift (either morning or afternoon) per week. When entering the program, Sibling’s Volunteer Manager works with volunteers to establish their goals - which range from ‘work towards finding paid employment’ - through to ‘give back to the community’.

What to expect from Volunteering:

Like all your favourite Melbourne cafes, Sibling is a live hospitality venue - complete with a passing parade of dine-in and takeaway customers, front and back-of-house processes, food & drink prep, cleaning, and multi-tasking. 

Depending on your eligibility, areas of interest, level of comfort, and goals, the following skills are covered at Sibling. (Note: not all of these are covered by everyone, this is just an indication of the variety).

  • Waiting tables
  • Customer Service
  • Basic Food Prep & food handling
  • Till / cash register
  • Kitchen work
  • Washing dishes
  • Organisational skills
  • Cleaning and food safety
  • Work etiquette and punctuality
  • Multitasking and task switching
  • Process-oriented work
  • Team collaboration and communication

We have also recently finished another round of Accredited Coffee Training - made possible through a partnership with Fitzroy Learning Network. This program covers Barista skills like working with a coffee machine, preparing drinks, latte art and more. (Follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about future opportunities).

Register Interest

If you are interested in volunteering, please note we are currently at capacity. To be notified about future opportunities, please follow the 'Join Mailing List' link to provide an email. 

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